Flying Fergus is an action-packed series of cycling adventures featuring nine-year-old Fergus Hamilton and his friends as he travels back and forth to a parallel universe called Nevermore, where cycling is banned and his dad is trapped by the evil King Woebegot.

When Fergus gets up speed and spins the pedals backwards on his bike, he can fly through time and space with his dog, Chimp, and land wherever he imagines. It’s thrilling but also a little bit crazy – he meets some amazing characters and does tricks that are out of this world.


Back on the ground in Scotland, Fergus is also number one rider on his grandpa’s cycling squad, the Hercules’ Hopefuls, who are setting their sights on cycling success. They’re out to prove that with hard work and determination, you can accomplish your dreams.

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#1: The Best Birthday Bike

Fergus Hamilton, a boy who always dreams big, gets a rusty old bike for his ninth birthday from his mum and grandpa.

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#2: The Great Cycle Challenge

Fergus Hamilton lives and dreams bikes and is really excited about training for the Great Cycle Challenge...

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#3: The Big Biscuit Bike Off

A biscuit factory is going to build on Carnoustie Common – can the team save their cycle track?

On Your Bike

An illustrated, comprehensive guide for children to choosing, maintaining and making the most of your bike with top tips and tricks from Olympic cycling champion Sir Chris Hoy.

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#4: The Championship Cheats

Training for the District Championships is going well . . . until Fergus’s bike falls apart!

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#5: The Winning Team

Fergus and friends face their toughest challenge yet – the terrifying all-girls team The Velociraptors!

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#6: The Cycle Search and Rescue

When the Hercules’ Hopefuls and Wallace’s Winners are forced on a training weekend to the Highlands to help them bond, their rivalry leads to stormy weather…